Customs information

All input and output information in one location

Almost everyone who deals with import and export, is facing an increasing size and complexity of declarations.

Our application helps importers and exporters, freight forwarders and transporters, storage and transfer companies, ship chandlers, lawyers and consultants to prepare declarations quickly and efficiently.

Permanently available and up-to-date customs information

The TARIC Support platform contains all the relevant information to determine the correct goods codes and required customs measures, including import and export duties. TARIC stands for Integrated Tariff of the European Communities; the ten-digit number that identifies a particular cargo. This number determines which import tariff is applied and which documents must be provided for customs clearance.

Obviously, new measures are immediately processed and updated, preventing you from completing declarations based on outdated or incorrect information. Reliable, up-to-date legislation is available to users of our application 24/7.

Faster through customs with TARIC Support

The benefits of TARIC Support

  • Smart search for goods codes
  • Insight into excise duties and consumption taxes
  • GN and GS explanations, tariffs and notes
  • EBTI: European (wide) Binding Tariff Information
  • Correlation of changes in commodity codes
  • Classification of regulations and amendments
  • Calculation tool for agricultural components (with additional codes)

Simple but accurate anti-dumping overview

It is vital to always have access to accurate information about the anti-dumping regulations of the country where a cargo comes from. Accurate information, available when you need it, helps you prevent avoidable mistakes in the transport process.

When you are connected to this ‘real-time’ system, it is easy to find the right goods tariffs for the countries of origin. This is a great help in helping you prepare your declarations. For recurring declarations, we can automate this process for you via our integrated module.

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