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Within KVSA’s closed communication network that is BTS Coasting, ship and cargo owners can exchange commercial information about the global chartering of dry and bulk goods. This platform is like a marketplace for shipping companies and brokers. The up-to-date information about positions and ships’ cargoes enables them to do business directly with each other.

Optimum service

BTS is the most effective online tool for ship brokers, ship owners, charterers and agents operating in bulk and project cargoes.

With our intelligent search engine, system management, modern servers and helpdesk, you are assured optimum service.

More than 500 companies use BTS. If you also choose this tool, you are selecting quality, reliability and the most innovative partner in the market.

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The advantages of BTS Coasting:

  • fast and targeted searching
  • search ports, regions, cargoes, DWCC and more
  • take advantage of the extra power of BTS Coasting via your mailbox
  • connect your inbox directly to map-based ship locations
  • calculate distances with alternatives and ETAs
  • extensive ship database

Years of experience with intelligent solutions

KVSA launched its telecommunications business, BTS, almost 40 years ago. Since then, we have been able to offer our customers the newest innovation, communication and information solutions.

Our helpdesk, systems management and modern servers enable us to provide you with our best service. More than 500 companies have chosen BTS.

When you select BTS, you choose quality, reliability, service and innovation!

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