Terminals with direct access to the sea

Modern facilities, a strategic location regarding locks, and excellent services make our cruise and passenger terminals in IJmuiden attractive berths for cruise ships and ferries.
Moreover, the four quays at our terminals are suitable for other vessels too. Namely, for RoRo, offshore suppliers and the handling of various other types of cargo.

Your client comes first

For turnaround calls, we provide luggage handling, ship access and site security in coordination with the military police and private security services. Our skilled terminal staff provide passengers with all relevant information. If required, we can also arrange for passenger transfers to airports, hotels or other destinations.

Felison Cruise Terminal Information

The Monnickendam Quay and Volendam Quay are identical. The height of the concrete dockside is approximately 3.63m + NAP (Amsterdam Ordnance Datum).

The bollards have a SWL (Safe Working Load) of 60 tons with a centre distance of 14.585m.

The total length of the Monnickendam Quay is approximately 360m, of which the final 40m is sloped (approx).
Available length of Monnickendam Quay at NAP -11.00m is 320m.

Tidal information:

  • Highest Astronomical Tide = HAT
    NAP + 1,40 m1
  • Mean High Water Spring = MHWS
    NAP + 1,15 m1
  • Mean Highwater = MHW
    NAP + 0,97 m1
  • Mean High Water Neap = MHWN
    NAP + 0,75 m1
  • Mean Sea Level = MSL
    NAP + 0,02 m1
  • Mean Low Water Neap = MLWN
    NAP – 0,64 m1
  • Mean Low Water = MLW
    NAP – 0,73 m1
  • Mean Low Water Spring = MLWS
    NAP – 0,75 m1
  • Low Low Water Spring = LLWS
    NAP – 0,95 m1
  • Lowest Astronomical Tide = LAT
    NAP – 1,03 m1

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