In Memoriam: Frans Baud

By 19 December 2023Geen categorie

François E.K. Baud came on board of Royal United Shipping Agents van Halverhout & Zwart and Zurmühlen B.V. in 2001. He took over as general manager for Walter Groenendal.

Frans was an entrepreneur par excellence and therefore had the courage to develop new business and services. He played a major role in the development of the IJmondhaven, among other things. As a strategic partner of shipping company Nedlines, he managed to start a ferry connection to Harwich from the IJmondhaven. In addition to the ferry from DFDS to Newcastle, this was a second ferry connection from IJmuiden.

After the Nedlines ferry service stopped, Frans managed to create and build a cruise terminal in the IJmondhaven. On May 4, 2012, the Felison Cruise Terminal was festively opened by the then CEO of cruise line MSC, Mr. Vago.

Frans also had an eye for IT developments in the maritime industry. KVSA’s long history as a reporting company in the ports of IJmuiden and Amsterdam was given new life by creating the IT platform Ship2Report in collaboration with Royal Dirkzwager (Maassluis). Maritime service providers, from agents to terminals, could communicate with each other and exchange data via this platform.

In addition to his full commitment to the development of KVSA, Frans has also always stood up for the interests of the IJmond region, the North Sea Canal area and the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA). For example, he was chairman of OV IJmond (HOV), chairman of Havenfestival IJmuiden, chairman of Amports, board member of SIVN, co-founder of Ferry Shipping Summit and board member of General Stevedoring Council. Frans was a charming connector with genuine interest and a sense of humor.

At KVSA we continue to fondly remember our collaboration with Frans and the special farewell reception at his retirement. Because at the Felison Cruise Terminal he was appointed Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau by the then King’s Commissioner, Mr. Remkes. In addition to the Port Medal he had previously received from Amports, that was a nice compliment for all his merits.

At KVSA we are grateful to Frans for everything he has initiated, realized and achieved.